10 Movies To Watch On Mothers Day

 There are many great ways to celebrate Mother's Day, such as giving your mother a great Mother's Day gift or congratulating her with one of the Mother's Day slogans. However, you can also do something together on this special day, and a better way is to watch movies about mothers and motherhood. She will be grateful! The movies are full of unforgettable mothers: great mothers, terrible mothers, heroic mothers. Given that national holidays seem to bring a healthy sense of nostalgia, what do we think is more nostalgic than watching some classic mother-themed movies? Countless movies can solve the beautiful and complicated relationship between us and our mother. Although many of us are still isolated from the world, calling your mom to see a movie is a great way to pass the time and connect with your family.

Here is the list of movies you must watch with your mother on mother’s day. 

1. Mothers Day: 

Mother's Day is another part of Garry Marshall's late-night holiday ensemble movie (which includes Valentine's Day and New Year’s Eve). Romantic comedy stars Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Aniston face the challenges of being a mother in different ways. Each character faces conflicts with their children and with their mothers. Margo Martindale performed well, she is a domineering mother who needs to face the truth about her daughter's life. See how women work hard to accept stepmothers and cope with adoption in this relaxed and lively celebration of the mother's life.

2. Lady Bird: 

This beautiful adult film starring Saoirse Ronan as Christine "Lady Bird" and "Lady Bird" is directed by Greta Gerwig. This collection of stories took place in Sacramento, California in 2002 and tells the story of 17-year-old Lady Bird as she navigates high school, friendship, and turbulent relationships with her mother.

3. Terms Of Endearment: 

 They are two women in this movie who fight. Madly in love. MacLaine won the Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal of a matriarch who could not bear the pain and enthusiasm of her daughter. Winger marches destructively to freedom, all he wants is his mother's consent. This is the perfect movie to celebrate the love between mother and daughter.

4. Little Women: 

 "Little Women" is primarily the story of the four sisters who learn to make a difference in the world, but Laura Dern's Marmee is the stone that holds the family and her husband together in 2019 Louisa May Alcott's novel adaptation of 1868-1869 participated in the war. This is a star-studded contemporary adaptation, showing a mother who raised four very different girls during the Civil War. You will laugh, cry, and feel grateful for your relationship with the women in your life (including your mother).

5. Imitation Of Life: 

 Lana Turner and Sandra Dee play a dramatic mother-daughter team in this intimidating television series. Turner plays an actress who cannot be completely narcissistic, and Juanita Moore is her best friend and maid. . The film examines the social roles of race relations and independent single women while exploring the love between mother and daughter. The costumes are gleaming, the acting is husky, and the movie is still packed with emotional impact.

6. Postcards From The Edge: 

 The plot stars two legends, Shirley MacLaine and Meryl Streep, played by Carrie Fisher.  Fisher wrote the script based on her novel of the same name, drawing inspiration from her experience growing up with superstar mother Debbie Reynolds. The role of Steep, an actress who is battling drugs, reluctantly moves with her mother (also an actress), but her image is harsher, causing Streep Suzanne to resent her. You will applaud the way they finally support each other.

7. Soul Food: 

 This film highlights the power of family traditions and the challenges of moving on after losing the patriarch. The three sisters who live in Chicago meet with their mother, Joe, for dinner every Sunday. But after the death of Qiao's mother, family tensions began to surface. When the sisters and their important partners survived the romantic tension and local injustice, Joe's young grandson came up with a plan for everyone to work hard to recover, knowing that this is what the mother wants. 

8. Step-Mom: 

 Susan Sarandon plays Ed Harris’s ex-wife and mother of two. Then Julia Roberts appeared and became the nominal "stepmother", a much younger woman. This moving film shows the conflict between two women, but in the end, it illustrates a beautiful example of women working together and supporting each other for their families. Most of the film's content is set in Sarandon's character's beautiful country house, surrounded by lush natural surroundings. However, when the movie takes an unexpected turn, do bring a box of tissues.

9. Sounder: 

 Based on a widely acclaimed novel during the Great Depression, the story tells of a shared family of farmers who suffered enormous injustices. Tyson performed well and his mother did well and showed great perseverance. The film celebrates the courage of the black family and the love and perseverance of the woman at its center.

10. Erin Brockovich: 

 Julia Roberts plays the ultimate trivial mother of a three-year-old, and at the same time proves that you should never underestimate the power of a single mother. She plays Erin Brockovich, a real-life legal activist who helped win civil lawsuits against citizens who were harmed by companies due to environmental disasters. Albert Finney performed well as Irene's grumpy boss.