Best Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is an opportunity to show your mother how much you love her (be it biological or otherwise), and thank her for all that she has done for you, your brothers and sisters, and everyone else in her life. Let your mother know that you are grateful for all that she has done for you.  

Flowers, poems, and wishes for Mother's Day. Every year, on the second Sunday in May, we celebrate Mother's Day. But why should we do this? The initiative is not the idea of ​​opening a flower shop to increase sales, but the result of the initiative of Anna Jarvis, a women's rights activist. She began to celebrate Mother's Day in 1905 to raise awareness about the problems and obstacles encountered in the personal lives of women. In 1914, the second Sunday in May became a legal holiday in the United States. In Europe, Mother's Day began in the 1920s. But this is not a new celebration, because already 250 years before the birth of Christ, there has been a festival of the goddess. Besides women, there is also a focus on gratitude for all life on earth. They raised us, they are always by our side and they love us on days when we don't even love ourselves. Also, we often forget to say thank you. Our mother deserves only the best.

 However, when the holidays roll in, it can be nearly impossible to find a Mother's Day gift to express your love and gratitude. If you're not sure where to start, check out these unique Mother's Day gift ideas, from inexpensive to luxurious, to surprise and delight your favorite lady this year. This list is full of the best gifts for all moms: a mother who trusts you to share new and beautiful things, a mother who always tries new DIY projects, and a heartbroken person. Before browsing our Mother's Day pick, consider what she's been paying attention to since Christmas: a new kitchen accessory, craft supplies, garden tools, and go from there. Don't let the importance of the vacation scare you: no matter your budget, she will fall in love with everything you give her, especially since it is carefully selected. 

So let’s get started: 

1. Time: 

 Unmatched classic. Have you just moved in, do you only see your mother 2-3 times a year? Give her some time, because time is the most precious gift! You can do this in many different ways: call her, give her a beautiful card, visit her, or even go for the whole weekend. Visit your mom and even bring her a homemade cake! We guarantee that your mother will be very happy!

2. Face Masks: 

 Moms need time too, face masks will refresh her and her skin. She can relax her body and mind with a black tea mask, a clay mask, a rose mask, and even an ice scrub.

3. Massage: 

 Hard work, long hours, and lots of people to take care of? If this applies to your mother, it's time for you to relax a bit. Give her a massage and spend some time doing massage yourself. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose one of the many options here. From head massage to acupuncture to healing massage, there are plenty of options to relax!

4. A Personalized Calendar: 

 A desk calendar can add decoration to her desk, but a calendar that can display photos of her and her family makes for an even better gift. She will like to read the calendar and think about her favorite memories with you.

5. Wellness: 

 Can you and your mother get some rest now? Then invite her to a healthy evening! Many spas can offer you great deals on Mother's Day. In addition, you can also check if the hotels in your area offer a day spa service! Do you want to stay home? Then simply buy masks, snacks, and your mother's favorite drink, and turn your living room into a relaxing sanctuary!

6. DIY Wellness Box: 

 Your budget is not enough to visit the SPA, but do you want to give your mother some relaxation and time for "personal care"? No problem! Create a homemade health box and surprise your mom with a homemade peeling, a homemade mask, or even a glass of sparkling wine!

 Homemade peeling: 

Homemade peeling needs: cane sugar, coconut oil, essential oil.

This is how it works: 

Mix sugar and coconut oil in a 1: 1 ratio, add about 3 drops of essential oil, the homemade peeling is ready!

7. Homemade Chocolate: 

 Chocolate makes you happy! Homemade chocolate is even better than store chocolate! You can individually design chocolates according to your mother's preferences and add an extra portion of love. What you need: chocolate (according to your preference, dark color, vegan, etc.), toppings (nuts, caramel, edible flowers, dried fruits ), aluminum foil, baking paper, pot, bowl for a water bath, and a nice bow for wrapping. 

 Melt the chocolate carefully in a water bath.  When the chocolate melts, you can shape it with aluminum foil. When the chocolate has melted, fill it in the mold, add the toppings and let everything dry. When everything cools and hardens again, you can cut the chocolate. 

8. Photo Album:

 There are 3,000 photos on your smartphone, but are there none in the album? Time to change this! Browsing albums is much better than browsing old folders on your phone. Choose your favorite family photos and print them, choose beautiful photo albums and get creative. For example, how about recreating a photo of childhood? Take a sibling or family member and remake the old photo! Try wearing similar clothing and take a new photo in the same or similar location as the original photo. This idea takes longer than other ideas, but it's worth it.

9. DIY Flower Pot:

 With this DIY, our motto is: Be creative! There are several ways to decorate pots, but acrylic paints are the best to spray because they are waterproof and can adhere to almost any surface. If not paint, you can put other things in the pot too! For example, mosaic stone - all you need is mosaic stone, tile glue, and a great idea. 

10. Plants: 

 A bouquet is very beautiful! The plants in the garden are prettier, live longer, and are also very useful. Since Mother's Day is in May, it is also very perfect for plants that can be grown outdoors! For example, surprise your mom with an extraordinary variety of tomatoes!